May 28, 2010

Jason Anderson//So Long

Local Music Houseshow
What's up with Local Music Fridays?

Last week, Jason Anderson played a show at my house and it was totally fucking awesome and intense, as I hear most of his shows are. I could write more about it here, but I fear that once I start writing, it will be hard to stop. Let me say that his performance of indie folk songs was the closest thing to preaching I have ever seen.

I was really happy that he played this song, because I spent a lot of time listening to the album from which is comes during the summer of 2004, mostly while driving around the rural rolling hills of vermont. It sounded very appropriate.

This song also has some great lines and references to three, count 'em, three really awesome bands (Elliott Smith, Fugazi and Tears for Fears).

It seems fitting, also, that for me, this is the final weekend of May, which has been the month of (almost) all my favorite people coming to visit. I've got four, count 'em, four friends in town this weekend and now we're going to live it up.

So Long.mp3

This is like one of those awesome dreams
Where you get to hang out with the guys from Fugazi.

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