July 18, 2008

Matt Jones//Hand Out the Drugs

[Local! Music! Friday!]

On Fridays, I will be featuring local music, but it will be my own brand of local music. Living in NYC pretty much eliminates “local music” because this place is just too dang big to have a scene. As a result, the local music I feature here will be local to my life, which is to say, I’ll be posting music of people I know personally, through national and global music scenes, through life, through love, through travel (CHEESY!). That said, please do not confuse the word “local” with the word “bad” or the words “second tier.” The music that goes up on Friday is the best music you’ve never heard. This is top notch song-writing, performance and production from some seriously talented musicians and bands.

My first Local Music Friday pick is Matt Jones. I’ve known Matt for a long time now, probably about 6 or 7 years. I can’t remember when I first met him. Probably at some crazy Ann Arbor Co.op party or at a little show at Crazy Wisdom. Matt’s been involved in some amazing music over the years, including Descent of the Holy Ghost Church and Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful. He helped us out a lot when we were doing the second Dumb and Ugly Club album. Somehow between all his projects, he’s made time to write and record a number of amazing songs under his own name. Matt’s a fantastic guitarist, singer (he’s oft been likened to Jeff Buckley), drummer (he once told me, “Gina, I am a very good drummer” and it was not just the typical musician boast—he’s got the fills to back up his statement) and songwriter (warning: some of these songs will make you weep). He’s also just an awesome guy.
Hand Out the Drugs is one of my all time favorite songs (and is also a good way to wrap up my week, and probably yours too).

Hand Out the Drugs.mp3

Matt Jones is playing two shows this weekend in NYC. One is tonight at SoundFix, the other is tomorrow night at Dominies Hoek in LIC.

I challenge you not to fall in love.


jess said...

i did, in fact, fall in love with him. the song. so good.

web diversions said...

i love me the matt jones