February 25, 2009


Double Trouble! REPEAT! Double Trouble!

Remember this much-beloved high school tape? Well, this song was on that tape too and I loved it immediately, although it never really influenced much further exploration into Fugazi on my part (something to remedy, perhaps?).

Ian MacKaye is something of a DC punk legend, having also been a major player in the hardcore and straight edge Minor Threat. Fugazi was majorly influential as a band on culture and music. In regards to the former, they carried punk’s banner of anti-consumerism and a diy aesthetic. In regards to the latter, they are a prime example of the highly influential “Dischord sound” (for Dischord Records) and are certainly regarded as forebears of modern art rock, indie and emo.

Yeah, Fugazi!
Say it again!
Yeah, Fugazi!


Some things that have been named Double Trouble: a 1980s teen sitcom, the 64th episode of the French animated television show, Code Lyoko and a 2008 Australia television series.

You say I need a job,
I've got my own business.
You want to know what I do?
None of your fucking business.
But now I'm lying here,
Knowing that business had a name,
But now I'm a number:
1 2 3!
1 2 3!


rebecca for moderns said...

more double trouble!: guy picciotto produced melody of certain damaged lemons. double back-to-back kevin bacon style threading here! i'm not making sense! but double trouble!

g said...

yes! i love it!!!