April 16, 2010


Delay and Drums: Local Music Friday
What's up with Local Music Fridays?

There was a hot minute where I was going to play some songs with Ribbons, but then the general whirlwind of life got in the way, as it sometimes does. It kind of bummed me out, because I really enjoyed spending some time learning the band's songs, as singer/guitarist Jenny Logan (who also plays bass in World Atlas) did a great job writing them.

The guitar sound is delightfully reminiscent of the golden age of that dark weird post-punk (read: The Smiths, Joy Division, The Organ, the other bands that always seem to come up when critics talk about Ribbons, like Orange Juice, which I actually don't hear at all, etc). I'll go out on a thin limb and say I hear a touch of something that sounds like a much less sincere Chrissie Hynde in there too. Am I going to get in trouble? Are The Pretenders cool again? I can't keep track anymore. I should also add that Sam Roudman knows how to go really crazy on the drums, which kicks the energy of the songs up a notch.

On top of all of this, in case you were even considering not taking them seriously, they've got a Daytrotter Sesh, an L Mag 8 Bands Honorable Mention and a Village Voice Music Blog shout out.


Catch Ribbons live at Bruar Falls on April 22.

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