December 18, 2009

World Atlas//Girl on a Boy's Bike

So Twee, So Local: Local Music Friday.
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

We played with World Atlas at the same show we played with Knight School and they were equally awesome. It just so happens that friend Fred Thomas also used to play with them. AND! Palmyra is playing again with them and Zoos of Berlin tomorrow night at The Cake Shop.

I really enjoyed this quote, from The L Magazine:
“Some might say they sound too much like Belle and Sebastian, but we think they sound just the right amount like them. By which we mean, well, exactly like them."

WA does sound A LOT like B+S, but it's still quite enjoyable. Also, I'm a girl who rides a boy's bike. That's cool.

ANYWAY, I'm going to step out now. It's my anniversary and I am taking my girlfriend out for a "night on the town." Where are we going? It's a secret. See you (and World Atlas) tomorrow, perhaps. Snowball fight to follow.

Girl on a Boy's Bike.mp3

Girl on a boy's bike,
What do you feel like
Waiting for the other kids to catch you up?

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