December 4, 2009

Knight School//Pregnant Again

I wear my sunglasses at knight on Local Music Fridays.
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

We got to play with these guys last summer for the Northside Festival at Public Assembly (where my friend Tim is Djing tonight, coincedentally). I don't think I got to talk to them much, but their show was super fun.

I've got mixed feelings about this “fuzz on everything” trend that seems to somehow still be the hip thing to do. I don't think that fuzzing the hell out of something makes it instantly good. That said, sometimes it is good. Knight School has a retro punk sound with a just hint of pop. They really get it right and pull it off.

If you're in NYC, catch them in exactly a week at Silent Barn. If you're elsewhere, check out this compilation because our friends City Center are also on it.

Finally, I would like to mention that I think "Pregnant Again" is a really good name for a song.

Pregnant Again.mp3

Listen to more Knight School.


Brandon said...

That band is my jam. I haven't seen them in ages... maybe not since that show, actually.

g said...

I really like them live. Maybe this will finally get me out to Queens.

Anonymous said...
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