August 19, 2009

Royksopp//Poor Leno

Continuing on a stream-of-consciousness journey from yesterday's post (and related to this one and this one, as well), here's Royksopp with my favorite Royksopp song, Poor Leno.

I don't usually love this kind of electronic music, but I do really enjoy a lot of Royksopp and I LOVE this video. The poor Leno is captured and put in a zoo, where he is ogled all day by curious humans. He dreams of returning to his homeland, the frozen tundra, relegated to etching pictures of the peaks on his cell wall with a spoon. By the end, his mate shows up, theoretically to spring him free. Everything about the way this animation looks (and works with) the song is perfect.

Also, this video once led to a decision to dress Squashington (a cat) up as a Leno for Halloween, prompting Ryan to say, "but we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a Leno suit." Where does one acquire a Leno suit?

As for the band, Royksopp's particular brand of housey electronica fits into a movement known as Bergen Wave. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Fun fact: Royksopp is the Norwegian word for puffball mushroom.

Poor Leno.mp3

I think I am officially ready to visit Norway now.

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Milkieboy said...

Love the Poor Leno video. Great song.