July 23, 2008

Erlend Øye//Athlete

I bought this Erlend Øye album used from an Oxfam in North London. The sad lyrics and electronic groove was perfect for my London day-to-day existence, comprised solely of solo melancholy wandering and all-night queer dance parties.

You might know the Norwegian Øye from his work as one half of the saddest band ever, Kings of Convenience…or from one of his other projects, which include The Whitest Boy Alive, Röyksopp and James Figurine.

On his 2003 solo album, Unrest, he traveled the world working with the most esteemed international techno/electronic/dance producers to create an collection of hits. Here is one of my favorites from this glorious selection of tracks.


Take ecstasy and dance around the room for me.

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