May 15, 2009

Sharon Shattuck//Uncertain Futures

H! A! P! P! Y! L! O! C! A! L!
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

Sharon Shattuck seems to me to be extremely creatively driven and highly diversified. She’s just finishing her masters at NYU in documentary video, interning at BBC radio and still finding time to make music.

I’m not sure when I met Sharon, or how I know her (my best guess is through Karl), or how I managed to not meet her until I moved to NYC (we lived in Ann Arbor at the same time and ran in many of the same circles, but never met there), but I do know that it’s rare to just randomly meet someone as genuine and interesting as she is.

When she posted up this new song, I was instantly pretty into it. The chorus is lyrically meaningfully for anyone who aspires to live the life more examined, and of course musically catchy, which never hurts. Anyone who’s fond of the pizzicato of Andrew Bird or the pretty builds of Mirah will definitely find much to love in this track, which features another A2 acquaintance, Ronen Goldstein.

Uncertain Futures.mp3

Hear more of Sharon’s music here. Or watch her videos here.
Or come see the perfect marriage of her music and video live when they’re screened together during Bushwick Open Studios, June 6th and 7th.

How many more today are here to say and gone tomorrow?
How many shy away when they are faced with their uncertain futures?

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