February 20, 2009

Karl Sturk//The Carpenter and The Lumberjack

We're back again with
[Local! Music! Friday!]

Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

I feel comfortable saying that Karl Sturk is one of my very best friends. He’s a wonderful human being and is always reliable for late night runs to the local Fro-Yo joint (my standard order is regular with Oreos and raspberries...thanks, bro).

That said, please do not let my professed personal relationship diminish your opinion of this song or willingness to give this track a listen. Karl’s songwriting talent, ear for arrangement and musical ability more than speak for themselves.

Karl Sturk has been playing music for quite some time and has been involved in all kinds of different projects, from the Hardcore Drop Jaw to the Bluegrass Ambitious Brothers (with Chris Bathgate and Michael Beauchamp). Full disclosure, Karl also plays guitar in my band, Palmyra. The point is that Karl is a seasoned musician with great performance and composition chops, all very evident.

I love the intro build on this particular track, with layers and layers of guitars gradually opening up to the drums. The double-track vox work particularly well for Karl’s voice and, while the lyrical content is depressing, it’s incredibly well-crafted.

The Carpenter and The Lumberjack.mp3

Karl plays a solo acoustic show tomorrow night at The 50/50 in Brooklyn.

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