November 1, 2011

The War on Drugs//Best Night

An album I've been really loving lately is the new one by The War on Drugs. Although it sounds more like a Kurt Vile album than any previous release from the band (despite the absence of actual Kurt Vile from the band). I've still found a different, amorous spot in my heart for it. Half Dylan, half Springsteen: the vocal sound and lyrical themes are familiar, set against music that's more modern.

There are a lot of standout tracks on Slave Ambient, but the first one continues to pull at me extra hard. It's so sad and lonely, outcast and downtrodden. I imagine Adam Granduciel singing the song directly to his own feet. At this moment, there's something I can really identify with about that.

I drive by the behemoth factories and oil rigs on the beaches of Southern California, and there's something not so different from that old "New Jersey Turnpike/riding on a wet night/'neath the refinery's glow" vibe. It's all America after all, isn't it?

Best Night.mp3 [Thanks]

I believe that I've been cursed,
Been drowned and reimbursed,
Got the feeling I can't move without sliding.

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Jason Aune said...

"it's all America: isn't it?" <3