October 28, 2009

Kurt Vile//Freeway

Kurt Vile, besides being recently signed to Matador and being really good at playing in awesomely named bands (when he plays with his backing band he becomes Kurt Vile and the Violators and he also plays in The War on Drugs), sounds something like one part lofi Springsteen circa Nebraska, one part Dylan and one part post-modern noisetime. Constant Hitmaker, which I've been listening to on repeat for a few weeks now, is a delightfully gritty compendium of songs, true the album's title.

Angelina gave me this to me on vinyl for my birthday this summer. Sadly, I only just got a working record player back in my life about a month ago, so I just got to start listening to it and it is a bit of an instant classic.

This morning I put it on while A. and I had breakfast (does it count as breakfast if you're eating it at 12:45pm?). It was delightful. I also have been walking around with the lines of this in my head for weeks now.

Unrelated: Kurt Vile is also from Philly, which is also where my parents are from. Though I care little for baseball, I am rooting for the team of my ancestral home to kick the ass of the team of my current home, because it just feels right. Y'all feel me?


Got a freeway in mind.
Let go of my head.
Walk down my line.
Better be sure you'll be dead.
I got a trumpet,
I know where to dump it.
I'm glad that you came
If the sound is the same.

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