October 1, 2010

The Umbrella Men//I Don't Emote

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What's up with Local Music Fridays?

Happy Friday to everyone. I am a little late on this one because I meant to put it up last week, but, as per usual, life got ahead of me and so here I am, having finally caught up.

This band, The Umbrella Men, played my house last Saturday. It truly was one of the most fantastic 50/50s ever--the house was packed and these guys played the shit out of their instruments, which included a guitar, fiddle and glockenspiel setup. It always makes me happy to put songs up that are made by super sweet people and the Tuss brothers are as sweet as they come. Suffice to say, the band brought a community bottle of whiskey for the crowd and had a friend doling out shots in Disney-branded dixie cups. Hot times.

Danny and David found their way to Brooklyn (they even live in my hood, which makes this Friday truly local) via Columbus, Ohio, a city I have much love for after the most recent Palmyra tour. Their music is a lovely mix of old timey and indie rock. Perfect for today, your weekend and beyond.

I Don't Emote.mp3

I haven't had any fun since the day we met.

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