August 6, 2010

Twin Sister//Ginger

Local Music Fridays
What's up with Local Music Fridays?

Red heads have not had a great year so far; Conan got royally screwed by NBC, M.I.A. is releasing videos of them being persecuted in some kind of rusty-headed genocide, and it turns out many sun blocks may increase your likelihood of getting skin cancer, which our fair-skinned friends have to worry about more then most.

Thank God that tri-state area band Twin Sister have recorded this ode to them, entitled Ginger. Twin Sister has a very dreamy, lo-fi sound that I guess might lump them in with the Chillwave crowd. They've recently released an ep called Color Your Life but this track is from their debut ep, Vampires with Dreaming Kids.


Lady make up your mind
What the rose or the gold
Baby pink little birds begin to unfold

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