August 24, 2010

Cee-Lo//Fuck You

Continuing on the bad word theme of yesterday, I think I would be derelict in my duties as a “music blogger” if I didn’t shout out this song, which has been burning up the internet airwaves and everyone’s social networking feeds for, oh, what, a few days? When a catchy, soulful, (profanity laden) song can be released via a simple text-based video and captivate such interest within a day and a half, do we need proof that the music industry has completely shifted? What I’m trying to say here is that anyone who had any doubts about radio being totally 100% dead should commence shutting the fuck up now.

Strange and brilliant Cee-Lo has released a song that’s classically soulful in its instrumentation and lyrical themes, while also being thoroughly contemporary in its delivery. The narrator laments the loss of his love and dishes about the “pain in his chest” over a rich piano line, bass riff and plenty of Mo-towny backup vocals. Of course, he also asks, “ain’t that some shit?,” calls out his former love as a “golddigger,” compares himself to an Atari and positively croons that perfectly smooth hook, “fuck you and fuck her too.”

Why is everyone freaking out about this song? Besides the fact that it’s a solid tune, two reasons:

1. We haven’t had that definitive hit of the summer yet. Though this one’s a little late to the game, it’s got all the elements we want in a warm-weather jam—an addictive chorus, interesting vocals and references to driving around in cars.
2. It’s a great statement on where we are culturally as a society. Everyone loves the aesthetic of the classic soul sound (same reason all your friends have washed-out hipstamatic shots as their default profile pictures, same reason Chillwave came to be), but it’s also totally about today (Xboxes and expletives). It sounds like it’s from the 60s, but it’s so full of curses that it can’t even be played on what was the main mode of disseminating commercial hits in the 60s: the radio. Cee-Lo did this really well (heck, Cee-Lo DOES this really well—we all remember that Star Wars stunt). We get the joke. We LOVE this particular joke. I’m totally into it. I’m laughing right now as I type this.

In closing, enjoy it while it lasts, because as we know, these things don’t last forever. In a few weeks, the spark will be gone and we won’t be able to stand it. Also, do what you can to avoid the 50 Cent version. I really mean it. I’m not even linking to it here. No way to add 50 cent words to dress up that little attention stunt: it is plain old cheap and bad. This, on the other hand, rules:

Fuck You.mp3

Yeah, I’m sorry I can’t afford a Ferrari,
But that don’t mean I can’t get you there.
I guess he’s an Xbox and I’m more Atari
But the way you play your game ain’t fair.


matthew said...

brilliant assessment as usual gina. i love your writing and i hope mine will make it on this blog once more..


Haley (thezenofmaking) said...

Jeremy came home from a software demonstration this week completely jazzed to play me this video (and to dance around with the cat, but that's another story). Not sure exactly what they were doing at said "software demonstration," but, apparently, it involved listening Cee-Lo.

g said...

Thanks for reading, Matt.

And Haley, sounds like it was a fun "software demonstration."