August 23, 2010

Little Gold//Completely Fucked!

Starting the Week Off Right: Monday Mail
What is Monday Mail?

It’s Monday and completely fucked is how I feel. You guys?

Jessi from Goldest Egg wants you to know:

Former Woods songwriter and Meneguar member, Christian DeRoeck is back with the Completely Fucked! 7", his second release as Little Gold. Vastly different from the melancholy country of debut LP On the Knife (2009), these two songs are brimming with fuzzy guitars, sweet harmonies, and what sounds like youthful exuberance. DeRoeck's lyrical content is morose as ever, but on this record it comes packed in two and a half-minute pop songs. The most immediate difference is the addition of Brian Markham on bass and Pat Broderick on drums, both of Brooklyn psych-rockers Ancient Sky, and Broderick of beloved DC hardcore outfit Majority Rule.

Released in an initial run of 300 on NYC label Heart Break Beat (Beach House, Vincent Black Shadow, Virgin Forest) this record is a taste of what’s to come. Little Gold heads back into the studio this year to record the follow-up to On the Knife.

Remember Expletive Week? Maybe it’s time for Expletive Week Redux. But seriously, any song called “Completely Fucked” that can sound as shiny and happy as this is a winner in my book. Now, Tuesday, can we get on with it?

Completely Fucked!.mp3

Little Gold’s on tour. Tour dates here.

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