July 30, 2010


The Water's Fine: Local Music Friday
What's up with Local Music Fridays?

Ypsi-based Swimsuit is the new(ish) project of Fred Thomas (SLGTM), Dina Bankole (Secret Twins), Amber Fellows and Shelley Salant.

There's the classic Fred mixture of interesting sounds, retro-pop vibes and fuzzy nostalgia going on here. There's also a little surf. Not too much.

Swimsuit takes Brooklyn tonight at Death by Audio and tomorrow night at Pizza Forest (which is an awesome name for anything). Hear more jams and get more info on those shows here. You can also get a whole demo here. Or you can get a tape here. An actual tape. Awesome, right?

Not sure which show I'll be heading to, since this weekend turned into an epically amazing music bonanza. Chad VanGaalen at South Street Seaport, two Swimsuit shows, free Grass Widow/Sonic Youth at Prospect Park. The summer's turning the corner. It'll start ending any minute now. On the plus side, the heat wave's over, for now. No boarding yourself up in your one-and-only air conditioned room. No excuses.


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