May 21, 2010

Showdown at the Equator//Strippin

Local Music Showdown
What's up with Local Music Fridays?

For such a small town, Ann Arbor sure has lots of fantastic music in it. I'm not sure if Showdown at the Equator is still making music and playing shows, but they were a super sweet band when I was in the A2. I knew a few of their members as acquaintances. All good kids who could bring it.

Considering the show I saw earlier in the week, this is a pretty appropriate choice. Enjoy the weekend, strippers.


You used to be so shy.
How long you been strippin'?


Brandon said...

Oh man.

We are never going to get over that time/place in our lives, are we? Even now... I mean I have fun in the Brooklyn scene and all but none of it really means much or feels that personal... except people from Michigan. Sort of pathetic on the surface, but maybe just natural given how different working is from being in school and how different a city & "scene" this size is from that one.

g said...

Honestly, I wish I had been more into these guys when I was in AA. They are great.

As for the Brooklyn scene, it's got it's good things about it, but NYC is just too big a city to even have a scene, which is kind of a bummer. Ann Arbor had it going on when we were there. It was nice.