May 20, 2010

Julie Ruin//Breakout A Town

I really didn't know what to say to Kathleen Hanna when I found myself at a party with her last month. Let's face it, I just feel kind of weird about talking to random people I don't know, especially when they're famous in some way. It all seems kind of silly but in a way, it would have been so much easier to be at a party with Madonna or Harrison Ford than fucking KATHLEEN HANNA! What do you say to someone who arguably defined and championed a new union of feminism and art, one that feels so personally important? What do you say to the person who basically started one of your favorite music movements? I reviewed my options:

1. "Wow. You're Kathleen Hanna."
2. "Wow. You're really awesome."
3. "This one time you pulled my friend up on stage at a Le Tigre concert."
4. "It was cool how you wrote about my friend on your blog."
Related: you should really go see Erin Markey's show, which was just extended at PS 122.
5. Nothing.

And that's exactly what I did say. I avoided her as best I could. A dear friend sent me a text telling me that she didn't really have a desire to speak with the famous either, which justified my decision.

Regardless of shyness about telling her so in person, Kathleen Hanna is still totally rad. This is a song from her lesser-known solo album, Julie Ruin AKA the project that started Le Tigre (Hanna added members to fill out the sound live and voila). This album is cool because it keeps one foot in the raw punk sound of Bikini Kill while the other takes a big step toward the distorted blippy electro disco punk of Le Tigre.

Also, it just so happens that Hanna is having a tee shirt contest for Julie Ruin over at her blog. You should enter because the deadline has been extended!

Breakout A Town.mp3

You're so tired and I'm so lovely.
You're so great and I'm so bored.


katherine said...

This reminds me of when you met Carrie Brownstein. I think you said something similar to option #2.

g said...

That sounds about right. I was younger and even more awkward then.

g said...

Also, "you are the sexiest person on the face of the earth," wasn't actually an option.