April 1, 2010

The Four Tops//Bernadette

I had a pretty weird night last night. First, I was at an event put on by my girlfriend's theater company. Not to be name-droppy, but it was such a weird mix of people, I kind of have to spell it out. Ad Rock (Beastie Boys), Anna Clumsky (My Girl) and Kathleen Hanna (Duh) were all there. It was kind of like having a weird dream where you're at a party with your boyfriend from grade school, Michael Stipe, your Great Aunt Joan and Mr. T, but you just can't figure out what these people are doing in the same place. Of course, this was all sans the part where you realize that you're naked or that you're driving a car and you don't know how to drive or that your teeth are falling out. Thank god.

Later, A. and I ran into her friend in the Hoyt station. It quickly became clear that no local A/C train was coming, so we decided to share a cab. We dropped off her friend and headed to my house. As we were getting out, the cabbie started asking which of us was single. I'm thinking, "hmm, the fact that we were just making out didn't tip you off?"
"Uhm...neither of us," I said.
He replied with, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"
We were like, "uh? No."
He then announced that he was the Match Maker Cabbie and excitedly began to show us pictures of various appearances on talk shows and other soft news network television programs. You know you're living in a great city when your cabbie has been on The Today Show.

Anyway, there was a DJ after the event last night and he played this song, which has always been a jukebox favorite amongst my friends, mainly so everyone can yell that big giant "Burnadette" that happens at roughly 2:38.

In my opinion, most Four Tops songs kind of sound the same, but that doesn't stop them from being awesome. Something I really love about this song specifically are the background vox. They are so intricate and perfect.

Also, I should point out that our brother song-a-day blog, Daily Beatz, has also covered this song and at least one other that I can think of. This must mean they are truly great. In order to help you find these songs, I'm instituting a new tag called OSS DB X-OVER.


Bernadette, people are searchin' for the kind of love that we possess.
Some go on searchin' their whole life through and never find the love I've found in you.


katherine said...

This post is tops.

It made me laugh all the way through.

g said...

You are tops.