March 5, 2010

The Mighty Narwhale//Rosie (I'm Taking You Out)

Swim toward the weekend: Local Music Friday
What's up with Local Music Fridays?

I met Jon Pataky, one of the wizards behind wildly popular (now sadly disbanded) Grand Rapids band The Mighty Narwhale, through my friend Katy.

I somehow got my hands on this recording of this song (likely off the group's Myspace) at the very beginning, before they had even released an album yet. This is a demo version and you can hear it. It's grainy and the recording has some bumps in it. Still, probably because of the time I was in in my life, I always sort of liked it more than the verison recorded for their album. It's raw and because of that, the song's essence is really captured.

Even though TMN is no more, Jon is still making music. His new band, The Wonder Caverns, debuts with The Juliets at The DAAC in Grand Rapids, MI on 4/1. You can also get your Narwhale fix by buying their album on eMusic.

Rosie (I'm Taking You Out).mp3

Far away from the static of this town.

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