February 12, 2010

In Tall Buildings//Walking Man

Before we start, three quick pieces of news:

1. I got the fun opportunity to contribute to a story about staying in on Valentine's day on Brokelyn by friend Beth Hoyt. As usual, I am loudly praising Daptone, who should probably consider making me some kind of brand ambassador at this point.

2. Palmyra plays tonight at Matchless in Greenpoint, which is a really fun bar to hang at, so come say hi! We are going to play a lot of "high energy rock songs."

3. I just went to the dentist and was told I have to buy an electronic toothbrush. Is this news? I don't know. But does anyone out there own an electronic toothbrush/have advice on the purchase of this peculiar device?

Now that that's done, let's Local Music Friday.
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

You may remember Erik Hall from previous LMF/afrobeat sensation Nomo. When he isn't touring and recording with that group, Erik is working on a solo project called In Tall Buildings, whose solo debut is set to release on April 6, 2010 on Whistler Records.

Getting a preview listen of this album has been quite a pleasure. Erik's voice, not just as a vocalist, but as a songwriter, is so clear and the aesthetic of the recorded sound is so well developed. It's easy to hear that he's put a lot of thought, time and energy into crafting this record.

If you're in Chicago, catch In Tall Buildings at The Whistler on 2/25.

I like this song because it's simple and poignant, which are two very important qualities for songs to possess, if you ask me. Also, I'm not going to lie. I really love that keyboard part that comes in at 1:45.

Walking Man.mp3

The walking man knows no other way to go.


karl said...

i have an electronic toothbrush. its called the "spinbrush." just go to any pharmacy, they sell 'em. they use batteries. it feels ridiculous the first few times, and then it feels awesome. have fun!

heather said...

Two things: Erik Hall is wonderful and I love this album (that is one thing).

Sonicare toothbrush is probably the toothbrush you want. It is good for your gums!

Liz said...

I am completely a lurker, and can't really believe that a post about electronic toothbrushes is what inspired me to comment.

I have an Oral B Professional series something something and it is AWESOME. Seriously, this electronic toothbrush changed my life. I used to get discoloration on the front of my teeth no matter how much I brushed, but now my teeth are so much whiter, no cavities, and they feel so sparkling clean. Love it, it would be one of my desert island items. Kind of pricey but I got it at Costco with a rebate from the Oral B website (google for coupons or rebates before you buy) so it wasn't too bad.

Anyhow, love your site, promise not to prattle on about toothbrushes ever again.

g said...

Thank you all for your informative opinions re: electronic toothbrushes (wow--who knew it would elicit such response). For now, I think I am just going to mooch off my girlfriend (buying a few extra heads for hers and just using it), but in the future I will take all of this helpful information into account.

katherine said...

Wow, I can't believe how apt it is that you posted about electric toothbrushes. My parents bought a Sonicare for Bryn and me for Christmas (remember this?). I used it for a few weeks and loved how sparkly-clean it made my teeth feel. But then I realized that it was causing my already-tender gums to recess at an alarming rate, so I stopped using it. I'm now back to the extra-soft head, manual toothbrush.

g said...

Kot, I could really never forget that thank you card you made for your parents. It's one of the most amazing thank you cards ever.