January 15, 2010


Set up on a Saturday: Local Music Friday.
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

Ok, so, while I've never actually met anyone in this band, their former bassist (who appears on this recording) is my BFF's girlfriend. AND, while I haven't met her either, I feel confident that I will, and thus, this music is local.

I've never been to Portland but if I were to go, I would probably try to time my visit with a Play/Start show because I can only imagine the kind of raucous fun they'd be live. On their facebook page, they describe themselves as "like rage against the machine on crack... and ecstasy!" On their myspace page, they describe themselves as "hella gay." I love the idea of these elements in combination.

The band released their first EP in late November and it contains five solid and fully-charged tracks. I like this one in particular because the hook is strong and catchy. The whole song is also supported by a choppy guitar line that empties out in a fast, thrashy build-up. Again, I can only imagine how awesome and fun this band is to watch live.


Everything you wanted to know about Play/Start is here.

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