December 2, 2009

Beyoncé//Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

Apparently I am having a poppy week. That said, I am not ashamed at all of how much I like this song.

Although I'm sure I've heard it millions of times, I didn't really think about it until I was watching Glee (the jury's still out on that one) with my mom, girlfriend and little sister at Thanksgiving. My sister showed me the clip where the show's gay character Kurt gets caught mimicking the video of this song with his friends and then somehow ends up going out for the football team and teaching it, choreography and all, to the players. Yeah, it's TV. Still, I haven't been able to get this song out of my head since then.

I also stumbled upon this amazing post on Carrie Brownstein's Monitor Mix shortly thereafter. Now the track is firmly implanted in my brain.

Hey. If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it! Oh wait. You can't. Yep, this song just happens to also be timely today, as the NY State Senate voted down marriage equality. As my other sister said, "Rat Bastards."

According to Beyoncé (and everyone knows that Beyoncé is not only a class act, but also omniscient), not proposing in time can lead to disaster. Thanks to this recent turn of events in the Senate, my girlfriend may now opt to put on tight jeans, get wasted and dance with dudes in a club. This is not cool, NY. Not cool at all.

Also, last time I looked, this state (and definitely this city) is full of homos who pay taxes to pay your salaries, Senators. We fund your pet projects and we vote you in. If you like us, then you should think about putting a ring on it...or we're going to find some new man to dip up on and you're gonna know how it feels to really miss us.

Until next year, when we can revisit this bill...

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).mp3

Your love is what I prefer.
What I deserve
Is a man that makes me, then takes me
And delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and beyond.
Pull me into your arms,
Say I’m the one you want.
If you don’t, you’ll be alone
And like a ghost, I’ll be gone.

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