November 17, 2009

Blackalicious//Blazing Arrow

Blackalicious, the incredible hip hop duo of rapper Gift of Gab and DJ/producer Xcel, is totally fucking awesome. Not only does Gift rap (really well) about things like The Periodic Table of Elements and the alphabet, but Xcel has the chops to sample one of yesterday’s songs, “Me and My Arrow” and turn it from a sweet early 70s pop track into a bumpin' backing beat.

I really like nerdy rappers like who can really kick it and Gab has some serious skills. How does he rhyme that many complicated words that fast?! It's insane! Another Nick find, I think I first had a burned copy of Nia from him that got scratched up so bad by the time I was finished with it that only half of it played.

Blackalicious also wrote a song about how Cisqo (you know—that one-hit-wonder “Thong Song” guy) was a hack. The video is also WORTH IT. So many props to these guys. Blackalicious, we salute you.

Blazing Arrow.mp3

I rock it for the chocolate, for the awkward, for the thoughtless,
In your home or at your office,
I'm your early morning coffee.

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