November 16, 2009

Harry Nilsson//Me and My Arrow, Think About Your Troubles

We interrupt your regularly schedule program for: two sweet songs and more to follow.

These songs/this album has been coming up a lot in my life. Also, I was thinking about it and these tracks will provide enough fuel for an entire week of jams, running the gambit from retro pop to hip hop and touching on two of my favorite (cultish) films in the process. Pair this with the fact that I’m out of town starting Thursday, and I think this means it’s time to run with it, even though the usual routine for today is Monday Mail…but hey, doesn’t this all sound exciting?

As you may know, I recently got my ability to play records back (sort of). This record is one of my favorites. The Point! is an animated children’s movie that was released in 1971. The animation is very much in the style of Yellow Submarine. It touches on themes of racism and existentialism and (shock) was my favorite movie as a kid.

Emily happened to have the record as a kid, but was totally unaware of the movie. I went out and tracked down the DVD in college, so we watched in one night. Actually, I have forced many of my friends to watch this movie over the years, sometimes while…ahem…intoxicated, with varying degrees of success in converting them to Point cultdom. Speaking of intoxication, this is what inspired it all:

I was on acid and I looked at the trees and I realized that they all came to points, and the little branches came to points, and the houses came to point. I thought, 'Oh! Everything has a point, and if it doesn't, then there's a point to it. – Harry Nilsson

Yes. Anyway, I brought this record out with me to my DJ gig a few weeks ago and played “Me and My Arrow” (about main character Oblio’s love for his dog) and “Poli High” (about the movie's competitive game, Triangle Toss) with some narration between. A guy came up to me expressing his extreme love for The Point. He told me that he never expcted to hear the song at the bar and that if I wanted this David Bowie record his dad had just given him, I could totally have it, because, hey, I was a DJ and he didn't even have a turntable. Did I mention that he was drunk? Still, this is what this movie does to people—compels them to profess love and to give random gifts to people they barely know.

It just so happens that Emily and I have also been covering “Think About Your Troubles” FORever (there’s embarrassingly old YouTube footage to prove it). We got to do it again on Sat. at The 50/50 with two ukes!

Final note: why didn’t’ anyone tell me about this?!

All the music on this album is oozing with extremely amazing pure wonderful catchy goodness. Please enjoy both of these tracks and expect another related and awesome song tomorrow.

Me and My Arrow.mp3

Think About Your Troubles.mp3

You can take your teardrops
And drop ‘em in a tea cup.
Take it down to the riverside and
Throw it over the side
To be swept up by a current
And taken to the ocean to be eaten by some fishes
That were eaten by some fishes
Then swallowed by a whale
Who grew so old,
He decomposed.

Unrelated: Darcy Turenne, a pro freeride mountain biker/TV host, gave us an awesome shout-out in her blog. Thanks for reading, Darcy.

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