September 1, 2009

The Kinks//Picture Book

Thinking about yesterday’s song on my way home from work, made me realize that there’s something a big Kinks-like about ETM. Sure, they’re a little goofier and are clearly never going to be the classic that The Kinks are, but something about the tone of the sound and the riffs remind me.

The Kinks are another one of those bands that I came to way way late. I still don’t really feel well-versed in their discography, but I know I kinda fall head-over-heals for everything I hear. Not that that’s really so unique—in a way, they’re kind of like the Stephen King of rock-and-roll—almost everybody likes them. The New Wave-rs, Punks, Classic Rockers, Metal Dudes, Mainstream and Brit-Pop kids all love them and cover their songs with glee. Besides, how you gonna hate with guitar tone like that?

Although it didn’t sell well at the time, I really like this album a lot (hint hint)—don’t really think there are any bad songs on here.

Kinks Trivia Question #1: This song was used in a somewhat memorable commercial a few years ago. What was it?
Answer: You got it.

Kinks Trivia Question #2:Which previously featured OSS artist was once the lead singer of The Kinks?
Answer: Seriously!?

Kinks Trivia Question #3: Know why The Kinks are called The Kinks?
Answer: Apparently it’s because they dressed “kinky” onstage, in leather capes and boots. I’d believe it.

Picture Book.mp3

Picture book;
A holiday in august, outside a bed and breakfast in sunny Southend.
Picture book;
When you were just a baby, those days when you were happy, a long time ago.

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