August 31, 2009

Electric Tickle Machine//Part of Me

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Jessie Hector at Goldest Egg writes

Electric Tickle Machine's debut album, Blew It Again (out in October) relishes in the magic moments between cynicism and forgetfulness where surrender makes imperfection a blessing. Recorded in 14 days in the winter of 2009 by Matt Boynton (Gang Gang Dance, Vietnam, Bat For Lashes), the record delivers hooky anthems bathed in organic layers of psychedelic fuzz.

Weirdly, I can’t find much more information about this band on the internets, so maybe they just prefer to remain mysterious.

I like this song because it’s catchy and a little weird. It’s not really psychedelic, but there are mild tinges of it in the production values. It’s light and funny and a little snarky. The lyrical content and that keyboard sound conjure the occasionally enjoyable one trick pony, The Dandy Warhols. It’s hard for me to say if ETM has more range to offer, but hey, if this is it, at least we got to jump around with a smile on our faces.

From what I can tell, ETM is a New York band. You can learn (a little) more here, including that you can go see them at The Market Hotel on Sept. 26.

On a final note, I think we must be getting really desperate as a society that we have to start naming our bands things like Electric Tickle Machine. The world is definitely going to end really soon.

Part of Me.mp3

Everyday we get a little more invisible,
No heads are turnin’ when we’re walking down First Avenue.

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