September 4, 2009

Joshua Barton//Head Hang Low

My sneakers look lovely from here on this Local Music Friday.
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

Josh Barton's birthday is May 21st. Last May 21st, his band Fields of Industry released an album called Two Dogs, A Television. This year, he released a solo album called I Missed You, Too. Not bad for birthday presents you give yourself.

I first remember meeting Josh as Michael's roommate at Vail House, many years ago, although I have this feeling that we probably crossed paths less formally earlier. I'm pretty sure he lent us equipment a few times. I always remember him being thoughtful and kind, so I was not surprised when I heard his music, which is also thoughtful and very good.

His music, with FoI and on his own, is a quite contemplative shoegazey thing. I like this song, because it reminds me of a number of things that I can't quite put my finger on. I like when music does that, in this modern era of so many potential influences. To acknowledge that you have influences while staying original is a feat unto itself--one that Josh has exceeded at. Perhaps I hear a little early brooding Michael Stipe in the melancholy vocals, a little Jesus and Mary Chain in that fuzzed out guitar Psychocandy, but not so much that it's definitive or offensive.

Love it? You can come see Josh at The 50/50 tomorrow night. Want to hear more? Get the whole album for free here.

Totally unrelated: A and I went to Governor's Island today and it was so so awesome. Highly reccomend, if you're trying to squeeze some last minute awesome out of our summer.

Head Hang Low.mp3

I am lost,
with no companion.

Addendum: Josh points out:

Thanks for posting Head Hang Low. Just wanted to point out in case it wasn't obvious that that track is a Julian Cope cover, though one I think I injected some of myself into. So I think your analysis is entirely appropriate, even if the "influence" is now much easier to point to.

Not being terribly familiar with Cope, I totally missed this one. Thanks for the correction, Josh.

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