August 21, 2009

The Ultra Death Men//Pizza Tower

1+1+1=3, Local Music Friday.
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

You probably never thought you'd hear anything mathy here on OSS, but prepare to have your mind blown like it was when you got placed in that advanced Calculus class that turned out to be way over your head senior year of high school.

Today was the third full day of Palmyra recording this week, which meant lots of hangout time with Karl, Kenny, Sean and Jon. Well, this gave me the idea to feature Sean and Jon's OTHER (OTHER) band today, which has the best name ever: The Ultra Death Men. Yes, these dudes are in my band.

It's hard to outdo their own self-description. Read on:

The Ultra Death Men are an improvised, noisey, thrashy, free jazzy type group turned weird, math-rock mess from Verona NJ.

The group was started in concept in the Verona Summer Music classrooms, where all three members teach for one month each year.

I really like rocking out and thrashing around my room in strange spasms to Pizza Tower. We also enjoyed listening to it in the Volvo on tour.

An additional note: after hearing UDM play a live show, I noted that their music is, "like someone's playing a trick on you...but you like it." I stand by this assessment.

I'm wondering how high you could actually build a tower of pizza. Oh boy. I may have fried my brain with copious recording.

Pizza Tower.mp3

Learn so much more about the Death Men here. And also, have an awesome weekend. Summer is winding down, so get to the beach! Eat some ice cream! Jesus, do both. That's my plan.

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