July 17, 2009

Drunken Barn Dance//A Winter's Tale

Since it's finally hot, a local song to keep you cool:
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

Yep--this song is definitely about winter, presumably in Michigan, where it's super chilly and you hole up indoors drinking and playing games....the perfect antidote to the 85 degree day we're having here in New York today.

Scott Sellwood, in addition to being a truly sweet dude, is a master of melody. The vocal hooks in this song are so infectious that they got stuck in my head for the better part of the day yesterday. Also, I really appreciate that Sellwood managed to get just the right amount of reverb on said vocals. That is a very fine like to walk and he has walked it righteously. Also, also, on DBD's myspace, you can learn that he does everything in "no more than a couple takes." Well, I think that's cool, especially in an era of auto-tune and unlimited overdubbing. I like when people have real talent.

Anyway, enough slightly technical geekery--let's state some facts:

1. Mr. Sellwood has played with Fred Thomas in Saturday Looks Good to Me and with Joe Scott in White Pines.
2. His new album is available for digital purchase through QuiSci.
3. In this song, he references Cribbage and drinking alcohol out of mason jars. Despite the fact that I never actually learned to play Cribbage, this really brings me back to Michigan times.
4. This is downright charming.
5. Scott plays The 50/50 tomorrow!

A Winter's Tale.mp3

The cold makes me irate.
The dark makes me unstable.
Thought we'd bend, but not break.
We were kidding ourselves.

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