April 3, 2009


It doesn't get any more [Local! Music! Friday!], than this.
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

This has something I’ve shied away from from the start of the blog, but I think I’m going to go ahead with some 100% shameless self-promotion, so I hope you’ll forgive me and bear with me this time.

I will be taking a week-long hiatus from OSS while I go on tour. And to celebrate, today, on this Local! Music! Friday!, I am going to post a band which couldn’t get any more local to me: my band—Palmyra.

A little history: While I’ve been playing shows, solo and in bands, and recording, home and in studios, since I was about 16, Palmyra is now my main squeeze. The band has been working hard to create a unique sound that’s representative to all its parts, while also striving to be greater than. Jon Lango (drums, percussion) and Sean Lango (synth, bass) bring a lot of Jazz knowledge and rare sound-sets to the group. Kenny Roebuck (trumpet, background vox) contributes great horn hooks and a diverse palette. Of course, Karl Sturk (guitar) is a driving force of rock and roll, and his electric guitar lines make the songs come to life in a new way. I write the songs, play acoustic guitar and sing the main vocals. I try to write music that is my own, while also being up-front about a wide range of personal influences.

I wanted to be square on songs with you for next week, so I’m posting five here. Two are Mp3s, the first of which is our single from our first album, Mis-en-Scene and the second of which is a remix (by an upcoming L!M!F!er Canary in the Cave) from the accompanying bonus disc. The other three (an unreleased demo, another track off Mis and a new live track) are in a zip file along with information on a Coloring Contest that we’re running. If you like coloring, this is right up your small-road-between-two-buildings!


Wool Remix.mp3

Coloring Contest Info and Tracks.zip

Our tour is covering these cities:
-Philadelphia, PA
-Jersey City, NJ
-Brooklyn, NY
-Boston, MA
-Burlington, VT
-Worchester, MA
If you live in any of these cities, we would love to see you at a show! All the info is here and more on the band is here.

See you next week!

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rebecca for moderns said...

I like Palmyra. Palmyra is nice.