March 27, 2009

NOMO//All The Stars

Holy [Local! Music! Friday!], Batman!

Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

While I don’t actually know any of the members of NOMO personally beyond drunk-college-party acquaintance level, a few of them are close friends of close friends. When I lived in Ann Arbor, I would oft pass Elliot sitting on his front steps playing banjo and I once had a delightful breakfast at Clinton Hill neighborhood favorite Mike’s with Erik and the aforementioned close friends. Finally, I have a distinct and funny memory of seeing the band perform inside a giant inflatable art installation made by my friend Soma…and that was pretty fucking cool.

Anyway, all that aside, these guys know how to drop the afrobeat. Their latest album, Ghost Rock, has garnered quite a few accolades and their sound dashes in just the right amount of funk and jazz.

All The Stars.mp3

If you’re here in NYC, you can catch NOMO on Sunday at Union Hall or on Monday at Joe’s Pub.

More about NOMO here.

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