March 13, 2009

Any Day Parade//Couple Hours

Local Basement! Local North Brooklyn!

[Local! Music! Friday!]

Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

If you’re here in NYC like me, it’s quite a weekend of shows.

First of all, former L!M!F!er Patrick Elkins plays early tonight with Charlie Slick at Pianos in the LES and later tonight at The 50/50. JaaaAaaAms.

Second, Jersey City’s Any Day Parade, releases a brandy new EP on Saturday at Spike Hill in Williamsburg. Here’s a shining example of what you can expect from the band on this forthcoming album.

I first met ADP when we played a really fun/really weird show with them at a Tattoo Parlor for a Jersey City First Friday. The show was a riot for a number of reasons. Here are some:

1. It was in a tattoo parlor…which was functioning.
2. We had to wait until patrons were done receiving tattoos before we could play.
3. Did I mention we were in a tattoo parlor?

Anyway, ADP’s live act was an amazing rock ‘n’ rollin’ straight whiskey-swillin’ party, complete with big sexy guitar riffs and plenty of vocal bravado. This track, which tackles that tricky “are we just hooking up or is something else going on?” relationship, is no exception.

Couple Hours.mp3

Any Day Parade releases their new EP, Where We Fall, tomorrow night with Palmyra at Spike Hill. More details here.

I don’t want to say no.
Why don’t you say yes?
I don’t want you to go.
Well, I haven’t left.

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