December 12, 2008


Guys, it's been a rough week. Thank god for
[Local! Music! Friday!]

Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

Canada was a band I liked to see way back when at The Halfass in the golden days, before things got all harsh there about “drinking whiskey” and “eating free food” and “walking out with 12 of those little pints of Ben and Jerry’s.” Back me up here, Becky! The Halfass fueled some pretty fun times for me and my EQ cohorts, including a spontaneous lettuce fight in Emily Bate and Haley’s room (speaking of, Happy Birthday, EMILY BATE !).

So, yeah, back to Canada, who broke up and recently got back together, with a recent CMJ show at Union Pool, which was fun and nice to see everyone at! Been seeing more of Joe Scott and his other band, That’s Him! That’s The Guy! lately. Actually, my dear friend and bandmate Karl Sturk (who will also someday have a LMF feature here) is playing a hot show in Philly tonight with Mr. Scott at The Fire. I was always a big fan of this song, which Scott and the rest of the gang played at the particular Halfass show I saw.


More about Canada here at QuiSci.

And it’s hard, hard, it’s frozen hard
Where we slept, slept, like abandoned cars
With our dreams in our empty pockets
Of the clothes that we wore.
Now we wake up to the ghosts
Of the families
Who once lived there,
But don’t live there anymore.


rebecca for moderns said...

wow, i checked out for a little while. i been busy. but thank god i'm back to verify that the halfass got way harsh after one night of the Bang! in its early days. they were all, don't underage drink here! don't smoke pot in the bathrooms, hallways, walk-in freezers, or openly in the crowd! don't stack all the chairs really high and then roll bowling balls at them! don't steal all the fantasias and attempt to sell them to local vedors! so harsh...

One Song said...

don't drink whiskey while you're making chicken patties. don't give free food to everyone, even people you only remotely know. don't steal everything in the place. SO HARSH! ah, the good old days...

rebecca for moderns said...

don't use half the hamburger meat to make a giant gift hamburger for an unsuspecting customer. don't ask each customer if s/he is currently high. don't play "face down ass up that's the way we like to fuck" when the college tour group comes by. why so harsh, man?