November 6, 2008

Electrelane//Enter Laughing

I thought about posting this song up as a L!M!F! because one of my dearest friends in the whole world, Ange, is good friends with Electrelane’s Mia…but then the whole thing seemed a little starfuckery. And I wanted to post the song today, not tomorrow. Although on second thought, maybe my mention of the connection is a little starfuckery also. Oh well. Starfuckery be damned. So there.

This song is great. Vague personal connection aside, this band is great. I love their guitar tone and riffs. They’re extremely catchy. And not just here, but spread over every Electrelane song I've ever heard. These little guitar sub-melodies are an obvious strength in the composition and arrangement style.

Enter Laughing.mp3

I never told you that I
I've been looking out for you
I've been thinking about you
I could, I could, I could, I could, I could, I could,
I could not tell you.

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