September 16, 2008

Dabrye//We've Got Commodity

Another Ghostly International genius, Dabrye (aka Tadd Mullinix) is some damn fine electro-jazzy lounge stuff.

When I moved to A2, Ali (who might also be known as a personal editorial force for IDM and minimalist electronic) introduced me to his smooth but syncopated sound. It’s not often that an artist of this caliber also plays an on-campus digital media and art fest, but that’s exactly what happened my freshman year. This lead to a really annoying girl we knew (who we called savory, for reasons I will not explain) saying in a really annoying voice, “TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADD’S HEEEEEEEERE!” Beyond that, the whole thing was awesome.

You also may know Dabrye from the below Motorola commercial, despite his often subversive song titles.

We've Got Commodity.mp3

Tadd’s here.

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