August 13, 2008

Matthew Dear//Hands Up for Detroit

What could be more Michigan than co-founder of Ghostly Records Matthew Dear’s blend of avant-pop and minimalist techno? Nothing. That’s what.

Ghostly was an Ann Arbor success story and institution— and one to really be proud of, like All Music Guide…or Zingerman’s. I’m not sure when exactly this song hit my consciousness, but I was definitely living in Ann Arbor and feeling the MI love. That worked out great, because feeling the MI love is what this song is all about. Although I still can’t figure out if the second lyric section is “our lovely city” or “I love this city.” Good thing it doesn’t really matter.

Put Your Hands Up for Detroit.mp3

UPDATE: The NYT just pointed out that Matthew Dear will be playing Santos Party House tonight. More info here.

Michigan Fun Fact #3
Michigan’s state animal is the wolverine, which is known for it’s wild ferocity.

Thanks to Ryan FG for the suggestion for today's post.

Put your mittens up for Michigan!

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