October 5, 2011

Zoo Kid//Out Getting Ribs

Have you heard of Brit School, the Croydon arts & tech. high school that's churning out many of today's most talented musicians? I stumbled upon it last night, after a pal posted the following song on FB. I have decided to go back in time and redo high school there. Is that something we can make happen?

Already having gone through two band names (he now performs as Kid Krule), Archy Marshall aka Zoo Kid was born in, get this, 1994! Can you believe that small teenager is coming at us with this voice and these lyrics and that guitar tone? "16 is the new 21," someone on the FB comment chain posted. Someone else chimed in with, "He sounds like he's been married 4 times..." Maybe the kids aren't actually getting younger after all.

The song is stunning, the video seductively simple:

Out Getting Ribs.mp3 [Thanks]

Hear more here.

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