August 4, 2011

Fool's Gold//The Dive

I am getting married in one month minus one day. At this moment, my life roughly breaks down into these percentages:

30%: Doing Wedding Shit/Obsessing About Doing Wedding Shit/Not Sleeping While Thinking About Wedding
29%: Sleeping
26%: Day Job
6%: Eating
4%: Playing Music
3%: Obsessing in a Debilitating Way About Everything Else I Need to Get Done
2%: Exercising

Not that I'm losing it or anything. Not losing it. I am not losing it.

On another note, those glorious days of summer have reached their peak and are now descending, as they do each year, into earlier and earlier darkness. It's not over yet, but the time has come where we remember that the end is near. Not that that means anything here in California, where I see girls walking city streets in bikinis and cover-ups at all times, regardless of temperature or season (on cooler days, these outfits are often, curiously, paired with Uggs).

This song has been on heavy rotation on KCRW. I think it serves as a good reminder to capture as much of that late summer light as possible.

From what I can tell, LA's own Fool's Gold sound like what Vampire Weekend would sound like if they were a little less lame and a little more experimental from time to time. African-inspired guitar licks paired with indie rock guitar tone. Big hooks and muddy vocals. Feeling weird and confused on a bright, sunny day.

Apologies for the fact that this track cuts off. This album isn't out yet. But I'm sure you'll want to buy it when it comes out, which you can do here. Coincidentally, these guys play LA for FYF Fest, which just happens to be…you guessed it…the day of my wedding.

The Dive.mp3

Is motion the only thing real?

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