April 20, 2011

Of Montreal//Doing Nothing

Man, I am having a hard time getting going on today. Chalk it up to a too-late bedtime last night or a weird dream or this strange three-day stretch of overcast weather we're having in LA...who knows? I just can't seem to wake up or do anything truly productive.

This jangley baby about doing nothing always seems to help a little. I first got into this song, appropriately, in college where I often was doing a lot of nothing. Or at least it felt like that sometimes. I had to review this album for The Michigan Daily. These articles always tended to be butchered in ways that I could never understand by editors (ie. weird cuts that didn't make sense or changing my "disc" to "disk"...come on, guys). What wasn't fucked up by the higher-ups was a testament to my own limited adolescent writing abilities.

Still, I basically stand by this review. The best thing about Of Montreal is that they don't take themselves too seriously. We should probably all try to follow their advice, at least from time to time..

Doing Nothing.mp3

We're doing nothing.


Morels said...

I agree Gina, never take life too seriously. This is a cool song.

Selorm said...

Doing nothing makes life fun...

g said...

Sometimes it's hard to do nothing. But I think it's worthwhile.