January 11, 2011

The So So Glos//My Block

Hi friends. Sorry it's been more radio silence here than radio OSS. To be fair, I have good excuses. I always do, don't I? Last shows. Holidays. Moving out. Moving away from NYC, which I am doing in a few mere hours (ACT QUICK!).

But, I wanted to remind you that I'm still here and still checking out new music/compiling an awesome list of jams to share with you once I actually have the time to share them again.

For now, I'll leave you with a band I recently felling in love with, Brooklyn's own So So Glos.

I think it's an appropriate song to go out on and features tons of proper NYC love and pride. Please enjoy this (mostly) one take video:

My Block.mp3

But it's the same routine.
It's been the same since 19AD (80?).
The rich kids in the hungry neighborhoods
Are looking for something to eat.

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