December 13, 2010

Summer Fiction//Chandeliers

The start of a new week. Monday Mail.
What is Monday Mail?

This year has been a year of changes for me. I quit my job to start freelancing. I got engaged. I decided to move to California. All this change has been, for the most part, massively improving my life. I hope that it's also been improving this blog slightly as well.

Up until recently, I was pretty married to the format of OSS. One song per business day, nothing more, nothing less. And while I still generally believe that it's a great way to go, I want the freedom to be able to switch it up from time to time. I want to be able to do more than theme weeks. I want to be able to give you my favorite songs of the year, to let you know about a show we're curating or just to do something completely random and off the wall. Essentially, I want to be able to change what goes on here, just as life changes. Deep, huh? Anyway that's what I'm doing this week.

So, behold, the first ever OSS Holiday Shopping Guide. We're going to split this puppy up into two sections, the first of which is today's OSS Holiday Shopping Guide for People Who Love Music. This will be in lieu of a best songs or albums of the year kind of list. It also happens to be a Monday Mail.

Stay tuned for the second installment of the guide, OSS Holiday Shopping Guide for People Who Think Music is Just OK.

It's rare that I fall quite as head over heels with a submission as I have with Philly-based Summer Fiction's “Chandeliers.” My love for the song prompted me to immediately seek out and obsess over the whole album.

Bill Ricchini, who essentially is Summer Fiction, says:

I really enjoy your blog and wanted to tell you about my band SUMMER FICTION. It is the moniker/bandname for me--  Bill Ricchini.

Check out our video for free single “Chandeliers” by artist Kevin Chia known for his "The Sun Was High" clip for indie band Best Coast.
Sounds like: baroque pop, chamber torch songs, freewheelin’ folk, and the golden days of missing you. Think Beach Boys, Smiths, Nilsson, Catholic School

Sometimes a band just has that THING that makes you want to tell everyone you know about them. The production is beautiful and lush. The songs are interesting and well-written, many of them perfect pop gems. At times, the compositions and arrangements are reminescient of Nilsson, at other times Vampire Weekend (but not in a bad way).

Getting excited about a new album made me think about how fun it is to share new music that's awesome with people you love. So, without further ado, here's a list of the albums music-lovers should get to hear from this year. If you know someone who loves new songs, consider buying them one of these. Support the artists so they can continue to produce great work:

Toro Y Moi's Causers of This
Who will love it: Seasoned chill-wavers and tip-toe'rs into the genre alike. People who are calm and also like to dance. Those who find solace in OCD production and sampling.
Where to get it:

The Green Door Kids' Musical Yooth
Who will love it: Jaded post-punkers looking for a reason to keep going. Anyone interested in children covering post-punk classics, Scottish non-profits or Scottish children covering post-punk classics thanks to the help of non-profits.
Where to get it:

Red Tail Ring's August Roads EP and forthcoming full-length
Who will love it: Folkies. Michiganders. Ex-Michiganders who miss Michigan. Lovers of recontextulized old-timey things and sick banjo riffs.
Where to get it:

The Corin Tucker Band's 1,000 Years
Who will love it: Despondent Sleater-Kinney fans. Riot grrls who've settled down. Indie rock stalwarts.
Where to get it:

Grass Widow's Past Time
Who will love it: Despondent Sleater-Kinney fans. Riot grrls who haven't settled down. Indie rock youth.
Where to get it:

Ribbons' Love is Mysterious EP
Who will love it: People who love Joy Division, The Smiths and The Organ, equally. People who wear black. The smart. The shy.
Where to get it: Other Music

Real Estate's Real Estate
Who will love it: Chill, suburban burn-outs. Dudes with long hair. Dreamy girls. Wiliamsburg hipsters.
Where to get it:

Swimsuit's Dolphins 7”
Who will love it: Surfers trapped in the midwest. People in cold climates yearning for summer.
Where to get it:

The Tallest Man on Earth's The Wild Hunt
Who will love it: Those searching desparately for the second coming of Bob Dylan. Swedephiles. The depressed.
Where to get it:

In Tall Buildings' In Tall Buildings
Who will love it: Senstive, quiet types who wear layers. Gear nerds.
Where to get it:

Deerhunter's Halycon Digest
Who will love it: People who love Deerhunter.
Where to get it:

Best Coast's Crazy for You
Who will love it: Stoners. Slackers. West Coasters with a mellow sense of pride. Members of the surf fuzz brigade hungry for something female-fronted.
Where to get it:

John Vanderslice's Green Grow the Rushes EP
Who will love it: JV fans who were diappointed with Romanian Names. Contemplative types. Recording geeks. Everyone.
Where to get it:

Summer Fiction's Summer Fiction
Who will love it: Vintage pop people. Background vox lovers. Appreciaters of high producion values and solid writing. Twee, sensitive, literate boys and girls.
Where to get it:


Catch a plane
To the Sahara
And pray for rain,
Running mascara.


katherine said...

The Grass Widow song! Is linked to the Corin Tucker site!

g said...

No! They're just both on KRS. Different links.

Larissa said...

"Screw Quantum Mechanics: Summer Fiction is Timeless":