November 11, 2010

Jamiroquai//Virtual Insanity

I drank a Starbucks coffee at 6pm last night and ended up being totally wired until 6am this morning. The result is that I'm totally weird and spacey right now, so if this makes no sense at all, that's why. Pick-me-up? Why, yes, please.

How about this classic hit from the 90s? It's smooth. It's funky. It was predictive of what was coming at the time, and what is now here. Actually, some of the lyrics are downright dystopian, touching on genetic modification and our technologies changing the way that we live and interact with others. It was kind of hard to notice how serious the song was while watching Jay Kay dancing around on that moving floor, surrounded by cockroaches, moving couches around with his mind...and that...hat? I love the 90s.

Also, did you guys know that Jamiroquai was named by combining the word "Jam" with the word "Iroquois"? I actually don't know what to say about this.

This song was an ultimate one-hit-wonder. I mean, has anyone even heard this album? Was it any good? Even if it's not, who cares? This track is amazing.

Virtual Insanity.mp3

Futures made of virtual insanity
Now always seem to be governed by this love we have
For useless, twisting, all our new technology.
Oh, now there is no sound,
For we all live underground.


cris said...

I have that album. It isn't all that bad. You should check it out.

g said...

Hey Cris,

You know the more I read about them, the more I realized I should probably check more of their stuff out. I put it on my list.


Anonymous said...

love this song.