September 15, 2010

Splendora//You're Standing on My Neck

After a hectic day of U-haul pickup trucking around and one last minute wedding venue peek, A. left this morning. Yeah, I’m bummed. But trying to make the best of it. Stay distracted. Be productive. All that fun stuff.

Last night, we started watching some old episodes of Daria. This show was always a favorite of mine and A. had never seen it. We watched the first two episodes in the first season. Daria starts Lawndale High! Daria gets invited to a popular party! Oh, the 90s of it all.

So, I thought in honor of my love of Daria and the (FINALLY!) recent release of the DVD box set, I’d highlight the fantastic Splendora theme song for you today.

I remember looking up Splendora a few years ago during another Daria downloading craze. I didn’t love their other songs, but this one is a real gem. I don’t know much about the band, except that they’re from NYC and that one of their members was also in this band.

In closing, ha ha.

You’re Standing On My Neck.mp3

Excuse me, you’re standing on my neck.

PS: if anybody wants to buy this for me, I would definitely accept it.

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