September 20, 2010

Lou Barlow//Gravitate

Gone solo: Monday Mail
What is Monday Mail?

Lou Barlow is basically an all-star indie rock hero. He’s been a founding member in a number of amazing/high influential projects including Dinosaur Jr., Folk Implosion and Sebadoh. He’s also been putting out solo material more recently.

Jessi from Goldest Egg emailed a while back to let me know that Barlow was going to be on video series, Dirty Laundry. She said:

This week on Dirty Laundry host Malia James is joined by indie rock jack of all trades, Lou Barlow. Barlow, a member of Dinosaur Jr. and founding member of Sebadoh and Folk Implosion discusses scoring the soundtrack for Harmony Korine film Kids, his departure from Dinosaur Jr. in the late 80s and the godfather-esque J. Mascis.

You can watch it here.

Although I enjoyed his first solo release, Emoh, I really LOVE this track from his second release, Goodnight, Unknown, which features lots of guest appearances, including one by (COINCEDENCE!) Lisa Germano. Indie Folk, you’re a small, small world after all.

Barlow’s got this amazing knack for turning dark feelings into something you can actually hear, into something you actually want to hear. Soundscapes and song structure come together in “Gravitate,” to form a song that’s at once catchy and full of despair. Not an easy feat.


I’m way more trouble than I’m worth.


Ryan said...

I thought the part of Our Band Could Be Your Life that talked about the relationship between him and J Mascis was pretty interesting. I love that book.

g said...

Never read it. Putting it on my list!