September 10, 2010

Lisa Germano//It's Party Time

Sometimes parties can be sad. This is the case with today's moody track by Lisa Germano. Germano softly croons, "it's party time," but you don't believe her. If this is a party, it's a heartbreak party where the guest of honor is, coincidentally, drunken melancholy. And yet, you may still want to attend, just to see how it all turns out.

Germano is a known session musician who has worked with the likes of David Bowie, Eels and Iggy Pop, among others. This solo album Lullaby for Liquid Pig, features cameos by Johnny Marr and Neil Finn. She's also released a wide array of solo records.

This album is beautiful and sad and quiet in it's entirety, which is accented well by Germano's complex, slightly gravelly voice as well as the choice of less-than-conventional instrumentation. The fluidity of the pedal steel stands in contrast to the precious percussive glockenspiel. It's good fall music and since the weather is cooperating, we might as well cooperate too.

It's Party Time.mp3

What I am
Is dreaming of dreams
Of what I was
Or could be.
My sweetheart,
You're sweeter than sweet.
You're meaner than mean.
I love you.
It's party time.
All of the good things in the middle,
I leave behind.
I'm so little.

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