September 22, 2010

Gentleman Reg//How We Exit

I stumbled upon this band and track on an Arts and Crafts sampler. Like the label, the band is from Toronto. They're presumably named for frontman Reg Vermue.

I think the thing I love most about this song is all that sassyness, combined with sax for max effect of course. I feel like I'm getting told and it I want to be told. It's also pitch perfect in the way it elicits a late-night rowdy dramatics--not that they're ever mentioned by name...but it's certainly what comes to mind for me. I want to party to this song!

You can hear more Gentleman Reg, including a Stevie Nicks cover and a Psapp remix, here.

I highly suggest you watch this fantastic video:

How We Exit.mp3

Time to hit the trail.
Make or break,
That's how we exit.

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