September 9, 2010

The Excellents//Coney Island Baby

Today, A and I are going to get engagement pictures taken at Coney Island. Gay, right? But still, cute. You have to say, it's cute!

Coney Island is a magical place to me, filled with all my favorite things. Skee Ball. Soft Serve. Ocean Waves. Cotton Candy. Roller Coasters. Photo Booths. Freaks. Beer. And it's in New York City! And it's accessible by subway! Is it heaven? Yes! It is!

This song is about Coney Island and also about love, so basically it's exactly about my day today. And it's Doo Wop. Is it heaven? Yes! It is!

There's not much known about this group, but what there is to know can be found here.

Coney Island Baby.mp3

You're my Coney Island baby.
You're so precious and so sweet.
Since the day I met you,
My life has been complete.
You're my everything.
Soon, you'll wear my ring.
You're my girl.


katherine said...

Next stop: The wedding announcement section in the NYT!

g said...