August 18, 2010

The Corin Tucker Band//Doubt

We interrupt your daily scheduled program with this special announcement for all Enormously and Completely Gay for Sleater-Kinney Types Like Me: Corin Tucker is putting out a solo album.

In my (rather extreme) opinion, nothing Corin, Carrie or Janet could do on their own will ever trump the genius of the best SK albums. That said, what made SK great was the chemistry between three incredibly talented ladies, and, as such, anything they do on their own will be fully AWESOME.

Example: the teaser track off Tucker’s forthcoming (slated for October) album, 1,000 Years, which features her classic passionate vocals juxtaposed against some new sounds (a stark little organ, a violin?) and some familiar (think: the fuzzy rhythm guitar you hear on SK albums, without Carrie’s brilliant riffs, because that’s exactly what it is). Tucker has assembled a new band to support her songs, the punnily named Corin Tucker Band (although one can’t help but wonder if she’s overused the joke a little, after naming her own son “Marshall”). On a serious note, the group features Sarah Lund of Unwound and Seth Lorinczi of Golden Bears .

If this song is any hint of things to come, I’m pretty fucking stoked.
It’s catchy. It’s tough. It’s gonna be good. I cannot wait.


You know that familiar song, call to me.
Break up with the boogie, break up with the beat,
I just can’t forget what it means to me.
I tried, I tried,
But I couldn’t leave.

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